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Trust = Character + Competence

Trust is lense with which your customers look at yourself. The more trustworthy you are, the automatic business you will receive.

An automatic sale is something in which your clients approach you for help and buying, they know you as... (More)


Bill Gates and Warren Buffet's a single quality of success: FOCUS

Bill Gates's father once asked Bill Gates and Warren Buffet to write down a single word to describe their success. They both wrote the same word: focus.

Inc. has the complete story on what you need to focus on... (More)

Salman updated 6 months ago

Credibility is everything

Following are golden words of Brian Tracy.

"People do not buy product or service, they buy how they feel about the person selling it, and then the product or service becomes important."

Credibility is everything

In sales and life, credibility... (More)

Can you sell plants online?

I wanted to know if you can sell plants online through