Following are golden words of Brian Tracy. 

"People do not buy product or service, they buy how they feel about the person selling it, and then the product or service becomes important." 

Credibility is everything

In sales and life, credibility is everything. Your trustworthiness, your believability, how much can I trust you, how much confidence I feel in dealing with you in the most important single factor, not only as a salesperson but as a human being. 

Credibility inverse of fears

With you as seller, we are dealing with two fears your customers have. 

  1. Fear from you
  2. Fear from your products

The first trust your customers must attain it a trust towards you being an honest and reliable person. When they trust you, they can look forward to their next fear → your product bring right and reliable. 

The word credibility is made up of two words:  Credit + Ability = Credibility 

Putting simply, your credibility tells how likely others are to lend their money to you. In the case of selling, when when you have credibility, you enjoy using a more scarce resource of your buyers, their trust. Trust in simple words mean "if you were a doctor, will your customers let you perform surgery on them"? 

People trust compensate product trust 

What does the word "expert advice" means to you? It means "guidance about a journey you've never been to". When you cannot trust a situation or a product, you look for trust in people and seek guidance. This is what happens in selling too. There are millions of products out there, they come and go quickly. When you an expert advisor for your range of products, people will come to you for help, and through your help to your products. But again, people will buy your personal credibility instead of credibility of the products you sell.

How do you build credibility and trust? 

When you are with customers, start off by asking powerful questions. Ask targetted questions which help customers explain their situation, severity, the most painful aspects and the immediate benefit they need. Listen to understand instead of listening to respond

Your customers need your "empathy", your ability to live a moment as them, see the world from their eyes and live the problem they're going through, understand their preference and then be the trusted-expert to offer them advice. Don't think about selling, your only role is to help however you do. Sometimes you will help through your knowledge, at others through your products. In either case, you will earn credibility and trust which is like oxygen to your business.