Followings are key points of Prominence and how to become Key Person of Influence for your product, among your people and market.

Establish yourself as the “only viable solution”

Establish yourself as the only viable source of advice, and your product as the only viable solution and a choice. Your company should be seen as the most trusted advisor people can possibly turn to, and that pre-supposes that you provide a piece of great advice, great education, a great understanding of what and why your product is superior: how you make it, how it performs differently and how is the whole category or product relevant to their lives and business.

Become the best teacher

You give customers clarity and depth of understanding they do not get from anyone else. Human beings naturally think they are not being told the whole truth. That is why you must explain why your approach is superior and that comes when you become a better teacher than anyone else in the market. Becoming a teacher doesn’t mean you just explain your product better, it also means you understand the problem, the situation in which it appears, the frustration in causes, the psychological impact it has and how the problem makes people feel, then what possible solutions are, and how is your solution the best and most viable solution.

Before you become a great teacher, you must first become a great student, a person who lets customers talk and has a great active listening skill; you affirm what you learned, you ask powerful questions which help the customer explain and you have empathy that helps you connect with people’s hearts as well as their minds.

Help people verbalise and articulating the problem

Put people’s feelings into words. Most people lack clarity and cannot pin-point what they’re trying to get and what they want as results. They only have a raw, unverbalised and unarticulated feeling of what they want. They don’t really understand the best possible solutions. For example when they go to a hardware store to buy a drill, what you really want is a hole in your wall, but they don’t really want a hole in the wall either, they want a mechanism to hold a photo or fix something broken, and again they don’t want to fix something or hang something, they want to acquire a feeling they’d have after the photo is on the wall, or the broken thing is fixed. Without fully understanding their problem first, customers presume a solution and go searching for the solution which they do not fully understand nor can verbalise. So the customer not only lack clarity about the problem space, they equally lack clarity around the solution space. As a trusted advisor, this is start fo your service and an opportunity to own customers “mid-share”.  When customers know you have understood the problem better than they understand and actually know what, where and how deeper than they did, they genuinely become interested in what you have to say next, and what solutions you’re going to prose as a result.

You excite the customers by explaining the problem, not your explaining solution. The more and deeper you understand problem space, the most eager you make your customers towards the solutions you’d present next.

Never let buyers buy less than what they should

You have a moral obligation to never allow them to buy less than what they should, in less quality, in less quantity, in less combination or the frequency they should because you will be dis-serving them. Most people do not know what is the optimal that would produce the best results and you and your buyer will end up losing. As a result, you didn’t get current or future sales you should and they didn’t get the maximum outcome and benefit they should, and it will be your fault if you allow that to happen. You never let them buy less quality they should, less quantity they should, you never let them buy the less combination they should and you never let them buy less frequently than they should, not because you want to make the most money, but because you want to benefit them to the highest degree possible.

Fall in love with customers problem

Most sellers fall in love with the product, company or the industry. That is much more limiting than falling in love with the clients you serve and see your product/serving in their life making a difference. For example, if you had a special kind of dishwasher soap, think about how it cleans better. Think about every night they sit down for the dinner and silverware in their plats are beautiful and spotless. Every time they have guests, they can be proud of their shine as your product is at work in their lives. You look at the transformative impact that your product or service has on them. Future pace, show them how different their life or business has been as your product or service is at work in it.

Make your message easy, easier and the easiest it can be

Human nature is that it is difficult to grasp complexities and new ideas. The way you communicate anything new, different or special is with metaphors, similars and analogies. Use stories to teach a principle, stories that teach a lesson. Use examples in other people’s lives they can relate to make a point why your product is different or better, and what benefit and the outcome it produces.

Create clients instead of customers

Customer is someone with whom you have a transaction. They give your money, you give them a product and the transaction is complete. A client on the other hand is someone who’s under your protection, care and guidance for life. If you call someone a customer, what you are actually saying is that your business is a mere commodity; nothing different, important or worth choosing. It's not important because there is nothing different about me, and I am one among many. But as a trusted advisor, you definitely do not want to see them or treat them as a customer. But when you call them clients, you elevate your position within you and that will change the way you approach them. It elevates them the way you conduct yourself.

Your clients are not just the people who pay you, there are clients who you pay as well - your team members. Look at their wellbeing as much you look at your paying clients. Ensure they grow and make them feel like they are on the mission. Treat your vendors like a client too. Your vendors can be your ultimate partners or ultimate adversaries. Evaluate if you are strategically preeminence or strategically looking for the lowest price. Your preeminence can transform your business and every aspect of it.