In one word, what are the largest and the most successful stores selling?

A Risk-free Convenience

The answer is "risk-free convenience", assurance-of-service and ease which enables people to buy things, and an assurance-of-service and ease from the things they buy. In a nutshell, this is what the world is building and selling and what brings success.

What do sellers usually talking about?

  • I have a product I want to sell
  • I've made a product with a passion that I am looking to sell
  • I want to engage the audience through social media and sell using funnels.

Above talk is about "product and selling". They are not speaking about being risk-free or convenience, and that's where they're going to face a lot of resistance and huge competition to bare.

What is a brand? 

A brand is an "upheld promise" at which the business never let you down. The brand is an assurance of quality and consistency you know it has even before trying. This is what a brand is: a name with a promise - and you trust it because its always consistent (risk-free) and offers the convenience you believe it will offer. 

Do - what brands do

As you are looking to launch your business, ask your products the following questions. 

  1. In which way do they make user's life risk-free? If you don't have the backing of an established brand, you need assurance from genuine reviews and users feedback and other user-generated content. 
  2. In which way do your product increase convenience for its users? 

Yours may not be a big brand now, but the ingredients that make a brand "a brand" are the same that make the business a success. Your ability to offer "risk-free convenience" is what your business needs to start and grow. Start at it, it is the right first step into your business. 

Good luck!